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What's in your shave Foam/Gel/Cream? The Facts are here, what you need to know!

stephen snell

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Water, plus a whole heap of cheap solvents, thickeners and preservatives plus a little bit of plastic, are unfortunately standard ingredients found in your average sensitive skin shave cream or Gel.  Aside from creating an aesthetically pleasing foam, the common ingredients found in shave creams do absolutely NOTHING that is good for your skin.  Skip straight to number 8 if you are in a hurry.In order of highest ratio ingredients found in a typical shave cream for sensitive skin: 1)   Water    2)  Stearic acid - used as an emulsifier to bind oil and the water together so that the...

Black Cumin Seed Oil for the management of Psoriasis and Eczema

Kylie Snell

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Black Cumin Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) is 100% natural and is clinically proven to improve Eczema as effectively as steroid medication.Safe to use every day, this highly researched oil is the best natural choice for lifetime management of eczema and psoriasis for the whole family - including babies and pets.  It decreases inflammation, soothes the skin and relieves dry itchy skin.  For best results use daily after each shower or bath.KM Bespoke uses the highest quality 100% organic Saudi Arabian Black Cumin Seed oil for the highest potency.Over 600 clinical studies have been conducted on this highly medicinal oil.  One...

Creams and Moisturisers - A few tips

stephen snell

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Moisturisers are designed to attract water from the atmosphere to increase hydration in the top layers of our skin.  This is done via humectants, such as glycerine and hyaluronic acid which hold many times their weight in water.  The problem lies in low humidity environments.   When we are exposed to low levels of humidity, such as in an air-conditioned office, on an aircraft, or during dry weather spells, then the humectants will draw the water from the deeper layers of the skin, the dermal layer.  Whilst it is important to keep the top layer of our skin hydrated, it should...