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Bespoke for Business

Creating bespoke products for clinics, salons , florists and barbers.  Contact us here and we will be in touch to discuss requirements.  

"We use the Cacay Active Oil both within the clinic as a post treatment application immediately following coolsculpting, as well as selling to our clients to use for their post care.

The results really do speak for themselves. Your Cacay Oil assists my clients by ensuring skin retraction occurs naturally without causing laxity issues which could occur post fat reduction, as well as assisting with the reduction in appearance of any pre-existing stretch mark issues. Following twice daily use of the product our observations at our clients post 8 week visits have been that skin remains smooth post fat retraction and any pre-existing “crepe paper” appearance is significantly improved. My clients love it so much they use it not just on their treated areas but also on their faces and décolletage. I highly recommend this product.” Fi, Senior Clinician, Sculpt Clinic Sydney